This last year has been full of trials and tribulations. Ever since Paul was diagnosed with his clear cell sarcoma, life has been a nightmare rollercoaster of bad news. With the knowledge that it has spread and surgery had failed to eliminate the cancer, we despaired, but refused to give up. In order to allow Paul to pariticipate in new trail drugs, especially in the States, that could give hope for a cure, funds were raised. Our spirits were uplifted by the amazing response from so many. We would especially like to thank Fui Toon On Society and its members who have responded to our need. Thank you for buying tickets to the benefit dinner, buying tickets for the raffle, generous donations of money and prizes, donating time and effort to sell tickets and spreading the news of our need.

Thank you for the love, prayers, well wishes, emotional support, kindess and comfort.

In these dark times, your generosity, kindness and thoughtfullness has been a light to give us hope.

We cannot express enough, our gratitude to you all for your tremendous contributions in making the fundraising and outstanding success. Each of you helped to give hope for a future.

If a cure was based solely on the wellspring of prayers and positivity that we have received, Paul will win the battle he is faced with. The financial freedom you have helped provide, has given him the means to continue to fight, live, laugh and love another day and ultimately overcome this cancer.

“From his boundless wealth – may God bless you
From his endless joy, may God fill you
From the depth of his love, may God keep you through all the coming years.”

Thank you for your tremendous support.

You have made a difference.