The Primary purpose is not only to reward academic excellence,but to encourage youth involvement in the Fui Toong on Society.This is a prize not a scholarship,to be awarded once and not ongoing through years of study for each recipient

Who is Eligible:

This  excellence award is only open to legal residents of Canada in their province of residence and who have graduated in a publicly or privately funded Canadian High School,community College or university within the award period of time

Applicants must be an active member of Fui toong On Society,either

A) As part of a family membership if under 18 years


B) As an independent membership  if 18 years or older.

Award Categories and Prizing:

One Cash prize will be awarded n each of the following categories :

(1) High School Graduate:$500.00CDN (Five Hundred Canadian Dollars)

(2) Community College Graduate:$750.00 (Seven Hundred and fifty Dollars)

(3) University graduate:$1000.00CdN( (One Thousand Canadian Dollars )

This award is Non-transferable and must be accepted as is.

Awards will be paid by cheque to each of the recipients.


(1) 90% average grade for High school

(2)85% Average  grade for community college

(3)85% average grade for university.

(4)20 hours or more volunteer community service at the Fui Toong ON Society

(5)Be an active participant in the society activities

In The Event That there is more than one qualified recipient,extracurricular activities(e.g Sports,Team Activities and volunteer hours will be considered)

How To Enter

Online at https// and download application form.


At the Fui Toong On Society at 102D’Arcy Street Toronto

1.Deadline for Submission of application will be held end of September of that year.

2.The society reserves the right to verify qualifications.

3.By entering this academic Award of Excellence,applicants agrees to abide by the rules and regulations and the decision of the Fui Toong On  on is final.

4.Each award recipient will be contacted of their award before the society Annual Christmas Dinner held in December  each year and will be presented with a plaque and cheque at that time.