Hakka Achievement awards 2012 for science presented by the Toronto Hakka Conference

Dr. Gordon Chang ,PhD

Dr Chang received his education at he university of Toronto where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree (Physiology and Pharmacology),followed by his Master degree in Physiology where his research area was gastrointestinal physiology.During that time he was funded by a Medical research Council research fellowship.In 1989,he earned his Doctorate from the Department of Physiology and Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Dr.Chang was the recipient of the research Fellowship award from the Hostipal for sick children and his research area was cellular adhesion,biomaterials,and blood material interactions.From 1989 to 1992 Dr.  Chang was a post -Doctoral fellow,Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the Toronto General Hospital,funded by the Canadian Medical research council.his main research area was antioxidants,free radical chemistry and oxidative injury.he has published over 20 peer reviewed articles and conference proceedings.

In 1992 ,he Decided to become an entrepreneur,following in the footsteps of many Chinese immigrants before him.He founded Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals in 1992 which had since grown to be one of the premier manufacturers  and distributors of nutritonal supplements and medications for both Human and Animal Use.products manufactured by Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals are currently sold across Canada,USA,Europe, UEA and Hong Kong.

Hakka Achievements Awards 2008 presented by the Toronto Hakka Conference

Dr. Karen Chang MB,BS,FRCP(C) 

The hakka Achievement awards are made to individuals from our hakka Communities who have achieved a high levl in their field and have earned the recognition of their piers and the public.It is our hope that the example by our awardees will inspire the youth of the committee

Karen Chang is the Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive  care unit and the Co-Chief of the Dept of Pediatrics at the Rouge Valley Health System,Centenary site in Toronto.Dr Chang is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

karen was born the 6th of the eight children to George and Monica Chang(Chang Hock Shu and Chin Lee Kuen) in San Fernando.Trinidad.W.I. Hakka  immigrants from Guangdong Province,China they work hard to provide a better life for the family.They instilled in their children,the belief that a strong Work ethics and a good education are the keys to success in life.

Dr Chang earned her medical degree at the University of the West Indies.she soon realized that she wanted to work with children and began her residency in Paediatrics at Queen’s University,Kingston Ont,She continued her studies at the Hospital for sick children in Toronto and the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.Since qualifying as a Fellow of the royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada,Dr.Chang has been associated with several well known hospitals in Ontario:The Hospital for the Sick children,Mount Sinai Hospital,Toronto General Hospital,St Michael’s Hospital and Scarborough Grace Hospital.

In 2000,Under Dr. Chang’s medical supervision ,the Regional Neonatal follow up clinic and the RSV Prophylaxis Clinic were opened.She is currently heading the building of a regional Birthing Centre at the Centenary Hospital.

“I am  Constantly challenged and amazed by the children that i help,by their recuperative power and their courage.Advances in the medical field are rapid and especially in Neonatology,often miraculous.I am rewarded and gratified to help children,our future,to start their walk of life with the best foot forward and to continue to reach their potential in the best possible health”

Hakka Awards Of Distinction for Community service 2008 Presented by the Toronto Hakka Conference

Mr.Vernon Chin Ping Sing (1931-2010)

The Hakka awards of distinction for community service are made by societies associated with the roundhouse reunion.They recognize individuals for their exemplary service to the community.

Mr.Vernon Chin Ping Sing is one of the global pioneers in Promoting and preserving Hakka Culture.

His philanthropy and contributions to Canadian Culture earned him a Volunteer Achievement Award in 1998 from the City of Toronto,and a second Volunteer Achievement Award from the Province of Ontario in 2000.

Mr.Chin Ping Sing was born in the village of Chun Len Ha in the district of Boan, many other Chinese,he started as a shopkeeper,becoming one of Trinidad’s most prominent businessmen. With his success he was able to help many families in Trinidad to also become successful.

In 1972 He immigrated to toronto with his family.he later worked to found the Fui Toong on society in 1978 with a mandate to promote hakka Culture.Through Mr. Chin Ping sing’s efforts,the society started a capital fund raising campaign that culminated in the founding of the clubhouse in Toronto Chinatown.

Mr.Chin Ping Sing worked as the Honorary lifetime Chair of the society to ensure that future generations would benefit and continue to prosper.